Avoid contact with water

Avoid contact with cosmetics, oils, creams, perfumes etc

Do not wear your jewellery to bed

Do not wear jewellery during exercise and avoid exposure to sweat

When not in use keep your jewellery in its provided box/pouch, separate from other pieces

Wipe away dirt and smudges with a dry cloth


Frequently ASked Questions

What is the jewellery made from?

NOXA Jewellery pieces are silver or gold plated. Layers of pure silver or gold are electroplated onto a metal base of copper or steel.

Luxe Collection Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% other metals, typically copper. It is used as an alternative to pure silver which is soft and easily scratched. These pieces are then plated with either Rhodium or Platinum for a high shine finish.

All stones used are cubic zirconia. As with diamonds there are different grades of quality in cubic zirconia, Luxe Collection pieces contain higher grades than other pieces on our site.


What is tarnish and will my jewellery change colour?

Tarnish is inevitable, as each time you wear your jewellery it is exposed to oxidising agents in the air and the natural oils and sweat/moisture your skin produces which react with the top layer of metal which can change its appearance. Over time this reaction will cause the layer of silver or gold to eventually fade on plated pieces with wear and tear.

Even Luxe Collection sterling silver pieces are susceptible to tarnish due to the other 7.5% metals they contain. Tarnish can easily be removed from sterling silver with appropriate cleaning polishes and cloths to make the piece look brand new again. When you remove tarnish, you are taking away layers of oxidised metal. As Sterling Silver is the same all the way through, removing this layer will have no effect on the appearance of the jewellery. However, we would not advise using these polishes on silver plated items as they are too harsh and will thin the layer of plating.


Can I prevent tarnish?

You can decrease tarnish build up and preserve plating by following the instructions listed at the top of the page.